Mar 30, 2015

Design with the HP Sprout.

Hi guys! Today I'm partnering with HP to share their new Sprout computer.

I have been having such a good time designing an image to use for stickers, cards, etc for the shop! I basically just gathered up any inspiring objects around the house and went to work. There was lots of trial and error and I'm so happy with what I was able to come up with. The sprout really is amazing. I've never been able to do something like this so easily. You capture an image on the workpad of anything you like and then you can size it move it anywhere within the project. Just a ton of fun! I can't wait to come up with so  many more projects for Goldie and myself. :)

Here's the design I came up with and you can see how I got there. I made the letters out of Poms from a Pom garland I made for Goldie's room and the sprinkles are...sprinkles. Ha. Too much fun. Have I said the word "fun" enough? Well, it is!

*This post was brought to you by HP. Thanks a million for supporting my sponsors.

XO, Coury

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Mar 27, 2015

California here we come.

Well, surprise! We're moving to LA in 2 weeks so I need a little help clearing out my stock!

Use the code PALMTREES at FANCYTREEHOUSE.BIGCARTEL.COM and take $150 off any order $200 and above. CRAZAY! 

XO, Coury

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Mar 23, 2015

Zappos Spring style!

Hey guys! I'm so excited to work with Zappos again and share how I'm getting my Spring style in order with their amazing website. First of all, it made my head spin how fast my order arrived at my doorstep. Second, they have a crazy selection to help you get your Spring game sharpened....and fast!

I have been doing some serious spring cleaning and that means it was time for some new staple booties and new golden rings. I picked up these amazing pale pink boots by Seychelles, a statement ring by Gorjana, and a midi ring by House of Harlow.

So, ok guys...what are you gonna toss and what's gonna replace it? For me it was all about getting rid of shoes I don't wear and investing in a neutral (pink is neutral for me) low heeled pair for spring and...NO TIGHTS. Ha ha. And doesn't it just feel the best when you have fresh rings on??

Hope you all had a great weekend. Things are kinda crazy for us around here and we'll share with you soon. :)


XO, Coury

*This post was sponsored by Zappos. Thanks a million for supporting my sponsors and allowing me to spend more time with my daughter. :)

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