Jun 30, 2015

Planting seeds with Seedling.

Hi guys! Today we are partnering with Seedling and we are having so much fun with it! They have the sweetest craft kits and you and your babe can spend some QT together and bond and use your imaginations and just have fun!

We got the Make your Own Tutu kit and the Make your Own Ballerina Dolly kit. Obviously, at 2.5 I'm doing most of the work but it's just so exciting to her and I'm loving it. There's no actual sewing involved but you definitely get to be imaginative and put your own spin on whatever you're creating.

Our tutu turned out so funny because, in Goldie's world, Ballerinas don't wear tops. We made it long so she could do a dress/tutu because....you can make it however you want! That's the beauty. Kids are so picky that it's nice to be able to satisfy their unique "needs" at this age. Ha ha.

And, hey! You guys can get 30% off a kit of your own! They also have super cute party kits that would make an adorable party super easy and get the kids involved! Scroll down to get the code!

Ha. Goldie had so much fun with the tutu.

Build, imagine, play! Seedling helps bring kids' ideas to life with beautifully designed, all-in-one projects that encourage children to follow their own creative initiative. Enjoy 30% off at Seedling when you choose your own adventure using the code Seedling30. Offer valid one per customer; discount does not apply to past purchases, packaging, applicable taxes, or shipping and handling. Expires July 17, 2015

Thanks for the fun, Seedling!!

XO, Coury

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Jun 29, 2015


Hey guys!!

Here's a bit of what's in the shop update this week!

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Jun 27, 2015

Beach day.

Nice rare warm day at the LA beach. Don't tell anyone, but I prefer the Florida beach. It's cleaner and warmer. But my allegiance is always to California. I spent too many days growing up pledging my allegiance to it's flag each morning at school. HAHA. :)

My blouse and shorts are from Girls On Film and shoes are Zuzii footwear!

XO, Coury

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