Oct 28, 2016

Those California Mountains.

Hi guys! I'm so excited to be partnering with Zappos, Joes Jeans, and Steve Madden today for the perfect fall pairing!

Ah, I love the mountains in California. When we were in Tennessee they were so GREEN and it just wasn't right to me. Mountains should be brown because I'm a California girl. :)

Fall weather is finally upon us in California and we are loving it. Finally it's comfortable to wear jeans and not melt from the heat. We are excited about the last weekend before Halloween and of course we'll visit a pumpkin patch of some sort.

I knew I had to have these Steve Madden Earnest-V because the rosy pink is such a fresh color and they are so comfy. I have been wearing Steve Madden forever and they always last a long time and are always a go-to shoe pick...often worn to Disneyland..the measure of a comfortable and cute shoe...would I wear it Disneyland? :)

This is my first pair of Joe's Jeans and they are sooooooo luxurious. The Joe's Jeans Bella Skinny in Emilie fit is unlike any other jean I've worn. They are super smoothing and somehow just make you look better...I don't know how they do it but I'm not complaining. I always go for the high waist because I think it's the most flattering on me.

Oct 27, 2016

Oak Glen.

It felt like fall in Oak Glen.

Goldie begged for a pony ride and it was $9. It nearly killed me to pay $9 for that, but it had been promised and i keep my promises. Loved seeing my babies as sheriff and cowgirl. :) We all had some apple cider donuts and made some fall memories.

XO, Coury

Oct 25, 2016

Halloween greetings!

Hey guys! We're pretty pumped that the next installment in our partnership with Papyrus is HALLOWEEN themed! Will you just LOOK at all these festive Halloween goods?

Goldie is OBSESSED with mailing letters out so this was a perfect opportunity for her practice writing her letters and send her little friends a Halloween greeting. This year she is so into the holiday. Not that she wasn't before but every year she just comes alive so much more. It's so beautiful to watch.

Obviously with the internet and social media people don't send cards as much but that just means it feels even more special to receive them. Plus these are like super hero cards, with tons of texture and fun. There are even wearable glasses and honeycomb hangers and I want to frame a couple of them for decor for next year!

Definitely check out the Papyrus Halloween collection!

This post was sponsored by Papyrus and all opinions are obviously my own. Thanks so much for supporting my sponsors who allow me to do what I love!

XO, Coury